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Lpath Collaborates with Sapient Discovery to Characterize Favorable Interactions of Lpath's Anti-S1P Therapeutic Antibody with Its Target

SAN DIEGO, November 01, 2021 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sapient Discovery, LLC, and Lpath, Inc. today announced the successful completion of a collaborative study that used Sapient Discovery's powerful computational platform to understand the binding properties of Lpath's humanized Sphingomab(TM) antibody to its target, sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P).

Humanized Sphingomab is the candidate selected by Lpath for clinical study as an agent to treat cancer and various ocular diseases. Lpath is the first to generate therapeutic monoclonal antibodies against S1P, an important bioactive lipid involved in angiogenesis and the progression of cancer.

In relevant animal models, this humanized antibody demonstrated performance far superior to the mouse monoclonal antibody featured in the March 2021 issue of the scientific journal, Cancer Cell. In addition, the humanized antibody was shown to have greater thermo-stability than the mouse version and approximately 20 times the binding affinity for its target than Genentech's blockbuster drug, Avastin(R), has for its target.

"Sapient Discovery's proprietary Genes-to-Leads(R) technology created dynamic 3-D structural models of the binding of Sphingomab to S1P," said Kal Ramnarayan Ph.D., president and chief scientific officer of Sapient Discovery, "This has provided valuable insights for the Lpath research team, with significant efficiency and cost savings to Lpath."

Dr. Genevieve Hansen, Lpath's vice president of research, commented, "Sapient Discovery has an impressive computational platform for developing in- depth characterizations of protein-ligand interactions. Our collaboration with them has provided important information to confirm the selection of our therapeutic anti-S1P antibody for clinical development. It also furthers our ongoing efforts to advance the company's pipeline of therapeutic antibodies against bioactive lipids."

Scott Pancoast, Lpath's CEO added, "We are encouraged by findings from this collaboration that suggest exceptional performance for our anti-S1P product, Sphingomab, in clinical trials."

About Sapient Discovery, LLC.

Sapient Discovery, LLC., utilizes integrated, proprietary computational and experimental laboratory technologies, including large-scale comparative analysis of 3D protein target and anti-target structures, augmented homology modeling, custom X-ray crystallography, molecular and cellular biology to accelerate the drug discovery and optimization processes. The technology has been successfully applied to over 10 different targets in the past resulting in each instance in novel lead molecules to protein targets. Sapient Discovery has in-house programs in anti-infective and oncology targets and provides access to its technologies to advance the drug discovery programs of its external partners and clients in a fee-for-service and collaborative mode. In addition, Sapient Discovery is working to establish several collaborations with universities and other non-profit institutions to use their structure- based discovery technology (including X-ray crystallography) through government grants and contracts. For additional information, visit

About Lpath, Inc.

Lpath, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, California, is the category leader in lipidomic-based therapeutics, an emerging field of medical science whereby bioactive signaling lipids are targeted for treating important human diseases. Lpath's lead product candidate, Sphingomab(TM), is a monoclonal antibody against a validated cancer target, sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P), and has demonstrated compelling results in preclinical studies against multiple forms of cancers, against AMD, and against heart failure. Sphingomab(TM) is potently anti-angiogenic, yet it has other mechanisms of action that may prove advantageous in the clinical setting. Lpath's second product candidate, Lpathomab(TM), is a monoclonal antibody against lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), a key bioactive lipid that has been long recognized as a significant promoter of cancer-cell growth and metastasis in a broad range of tumor types.

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