Custom Services

Sapient Discovery provides the following custom structural services to accelerate drug discovery and molecular design tailored to meet the specific needs of our pharma, biotech, defense and government agency customers, as well as those from academia. The services could be carried out on a strictly fee-for-service mode, collaborative mode as well as a sub-contractor in government grants. Stringent Confidentiality is maintained in all our Custom Services projects.

  • Full structure determination service in X-ray crystallography including, Protein expression, purification, and crystallization as outlined in our structural biology section.
  • X-ray crystallographic structure determination for proteins, protein-ligand and protein-protein complexes including antibodies and antibody-antigen complexes;
  • Full service fragment-based screening including virtual screening and x-ray crystallography based screening;
  • Protein Engineering both virtually and in wet-laboratory as outlined in our structural biology section and
  • Protein Re-design including generation of protein variants for activity determination
  • Structural bioinformatics services encompassing:
    • Secondary Structure Prediction;
    • Augmented Homology ModelingTM of specific targets as required by the customer;
    • Structural analysis of individual proteins or comparative analysis of structurally-related proteins families and
    • Custom modeling specific protein families and database creation and
    • Antibody modeling and analysis.
  • Lead discovery as outlined in our Genes to Leads® section.
  • Lead optimization services including:
    • Co-crystal structure determination;
    • Focused library generation;
    • Docking and scoring of small molecules to protein target/s;
    • Target-anti-target differentiation and
    • Fragment-based screening with or without X-ray crystallography.

Please send your enquiry to [email protected] to learn more about how our capabilities may be applied to meet your specific project needs. All enquiries and responses are treated with strict confidentiality.

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