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The scientific founders of Sapient Discovery and the scientists in the Company have extensive record of publications, presentations, patents and patent applications. It is the goal of the company founders to continue to publish/present/patent new technology as well as exciting new results resulting from their work. In this section a sample is given of their publications. Where it is appropriate, a direct link is given to the journal website for downloading or accessing the publications. If you like a copy of any of the publications, you can also contact us at [email protected] and we will send you a hard copy of the requested article.



Protein Structure Prediction Using an Augmented Homology Modeling Method: Key Importance of Iterative-Procedures for Obtaining Consistent Quality Models 08.04.2006.

Structural analysis of an HIV-1 protease I47A mutant resistant to the protease inhibitor lopinavir 08.04.2006.

Bioinformatics of Botulin Neurotoxin Structures. 08.04.2006.

Tools for structural genomics: accelerating the structure pipeline 08.04.2006.

Structure-based phenotyping predicts HIV-1 protease inhibitor resistance 08.04.2006.

Structure-based prediction of free energy changes of binding of PTP1B inhibitors. 08.04.2006.

Structural Proteomics: Methods in Deriving Protein Structural Information and Issues in Data Management 08.04.2006.

Photochemically enhanced binding of small molecules to the tumor necrosis factor receptor-1 inhibits the binding of TNF-a 08.04.2006.

Recent developments in computational proteomics. 08.04.2006.

Structural Pharmacogenomic Approach to the Evaluation of Drug Resistant Mutations in HIV-1 Protease. 08.04.2006.

Toward Designing Drug-Like Libraries: A Novel Computational Approach for Prediction of Drug Feasibility of Compounds. 08.04.2006.

Structural basis for the binding of an anti-cytochrome c antibody to its antigen: crystal structures of FabE8-cytochrome c complex to 1.8 A resolution and FabE8 to 2.26 A resolution. 08.04.2006.

Analysis of high-affinity binding determinants in the receptor binding epitope of basic fibroblast growth factor 08.04.2006.

Structural Basis for the Root effect in Haemoglobin 08.04.2006.

Biochemical Implications from the variable gene sequences of an anti cytochrome c antibody and crystallographic characterization of its antigen-binding fragment in free and antigen-complexed forms 08.04.2006.

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